2911 Grand Avenue, Suite 400D
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
(Directly behind the Mayfair Hotel)
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For reservations, call 305-456-5723

Parking Options

There are two parking garages located in the Mayfair Building, the same building as Spillover, and two other garages located nearby:

Mayfair Building:
> Grand Ave.: There is driveway located at 2911 Grand Ave. (the north side of the road) that leads to an above-ground parking garage in the Mayfair building. This is the closest and most convenient parking option.
> There are two entrances to the below-ground parking garage in the Mayfair Building. Both are located on Florida Ave., on the North side of the building.

Other parking options and garages include:
> There are lots of street parking spaces on Grand Ave.
> There is a garage on Rice St. that is located less than a block north of Spillover, just across Florida Ave.
> There is a garage on McFarlane St. that is located about two blocks away from Spillover, next to the church.